Multitude of religions

A Diverse Group Representing a multitude of religions

Reflecting on the Annual General Meeting (11-Nov-2021) on this momentous Remembrance Day, the dominant impression I was left with was one of solidarity: this diverse group represented a multitude of religions yet as representatives came to the microphone to deliver their respective prayer through verse or song, there was a commonality of theme:

  • world peace;
  • love; and
  • earthly recovery.

An outsider could be forgiven for asserting that the closeness of this group who were animated in their reunions with one another after the separations through Covid-19, could be used as a prototype of where the world, in general, should be headed.

Amen to this and bless those who ran the animated meeting.

Perhaps it is the charisma of the Chairperson that brought so much levity and laughter into the meeting, but there was certainly nothing stale about the procedures, which even included an alteration to the Constitution.

May the camaraderie, acceptance and excitement continue.

Di Perkins

Di is a writer and retired high school teacher. She is a member of her local Uniting Church and continues to contribute much in a voluntary capacity to the wider community.